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Which package should you choose for your South Africa VPS?

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Which package should you choose for your South Africa VPS?
South Africa VPS Hosting

Which package should you choose for your South Africa VPS?

If you want to start your business, test some development thought, and need something which is more powerful then try South Africa VPS Hosting Server packages. Onlive Server Technology LLP brings a lot of VPS hosting features which you need for your business growth available at an affordable price. We always think to give you the best quality services from our side which brings your business at the top. We have lots of innovative ideas regarding our hosting server and from 9 years we continuously added new technologies and equipment whether it is hardware or software in our hosting server that makes our hosting server more demanding. We always try to give best services to our client so that they will always be in touch with us. We have a lot of sophisticated VPS hosting features or unlimited plans for our customer. Whenever you order a VPS Hosting server then you have full right to choose Operating system which you need based on Linux as well as Windows. For Linux, you will get the choice of CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu and for Windows, you will have the choice of Windows server from 2008 to 2012. we also give you a quick server setup so there is no need to wait a long for server setup as well we don’t take any charge for server setup. The server set up is free of cost. Apart from these all server facility we provide you a strong server security system i.e. firewall protection which protects your server from malicious software like viruses, worms, Trojan horses scareware, and other malicious programs which may harm your server and server data. It also protects your server from unauthorized login or access. Apart from that, we provide you high bandwidth facility by which you can easily host your website and generate more traffic on that.

What we added in our VPS plans

We provide you Up to 4Core × 2.5 GHz frequency; up to 16 GB RAM, up to 300 GB HDD storage, up to 2TB Bandwidth with 100 Mbps, choice of operating system, control panel facility, and much more with our South Africa VPS.

Data center facility & support

For better server performance or more output, we provide our data center facility nearby you which will give you more network uptime guarantee and you will not face any network issue. We have our own data center in approx 30 plus countries. For your better support, we provide you expert technical support team which is always available for you as well monitor your server all day and night. During any server issue you can contact our support team they will respond you as possible as they can.

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High performance and secure hosting solution in South Africa Dedicated Servers

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South Africa Dedicated Server

High performance and secure hosting solution in South Africa  Dedicated Servers

Looking for the ultimate in managed hosting for your business with South Africa  Dedicated Servers ? Onlive Server’s dedicated servers come with 24/7 support, no contracts & 99.9% up time. The increase in internet usage in South Africa and the need of website becoming more than essential for any kind of business (Small or big), choosing the right kind website hosting servers is a tough and pocket-friendly job too.

While there are Dedicated Servers Hosting which charges just $169 per month to set up your site online along with zero set up fee and anything suitable for a proper .co.za domain, thus choosing the right kind of web hosting server is a must to ensure your online site a healthy traffic. Be it South Africa Dedicated Servers, South Africa VPS hosting or South Africa Managed dedicated servers, proper introspection is a must before investing for the final run.

So, how to choose it??

Not a very easy question to answer nor a difficult either! In South Africa there are helluva of people who are taking up this job of web hosting to earn that extra buck, thus never click on the first website you see on Google. Always perform a proper scrutiny and then seal the deal. It may look easy to start and get involved in web hosting, but, one should not forget that the public usually does not have enough web knowledge and site design knowledge. One of the positive attributes of using a smaller company with dedicated servers is that one gets all the other big companies server reliability but usually at a lower price since it has lower overheads. Our friendly, well trained customer support staff is available 24 hours a day, even on public holidays.

Thus if one can choose wisely, they can get really good and personal South Africa web hosting support.  But, if you sit down to count the hours you have spent helping people set up their accounts, websites, and other issues, etc, you would definitely feel that web hosting is not at all a profitable job. Thus, before choosing the web hosting server for your website make sure you sort out the criteria like what design you want, how you want it to look, what will be your budget and every minute detail, you should have a clear concept about everything. Choose your South Africa Dedicated Servers package and VPS hosting package with reliable & secure, up time guarantee.

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