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South Korea VPS Hosting Server brings lots of hosting plans for you

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South Korea VPS Hosting Server brings lots of hosting plans for you
South Korea VPS

South Korea VPS Hosting Server brings lots of hosting plans for you

Onlive Server Technology LLP offers you South Korea VPS hosting server with lots of hosting features which you need for your hosting website and at an affordable price. Due to its affordable price any business class can take the advantage of it as well start their small business. Our main focus remains on the quality of server so for the sake of this we added lots of quality and advanced features in our hosting server which will make your web hosting easy and comfortable. Our hosting server can be used for your may purpose like in your special projects, development of site or software, remote file storage, data backups, in gaming server and for your many purposes.

Plans of our South Korea VPS

For making your web hosting easy and comfortable we offer you lots of South Korea VPS hosting plans which are fully managed and customizable in the feature. Now you can choose the hosting plans according to your business need.

Fully managed South Korea Server VPS Hosting Server Plans

Plan Name: South Korea Server
Core: up to 4 Core
Memory: up to 16 GB RAM
Storage: up to 300 GB HDD
Control Panel: WHM/Cpanel
IPv4: up to 2 IPv4 Address
Bandwidth: 2 TB bandwidth with 100 Mbps
Data Center Location: Busan, South Korea

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Data center facility

Our servers are located in nearby you in South Korea so due to a nearer data center, you will get more up to 99.99% network uptime guarantee from us. For our customer facility, we provide our own data center in approx 30 plus countries. Now, these days we usually face network uptime issues so due to nearer data center you will not face these types of problems. For security purpose of your server, we provide firewall protection which protects your server from malicious software like viruses, worms, Trojan horses and from other malicious programs which will make harm to your server. It also protects your server from unauthorized login.

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Important Facts about South Africa VPS Hosting & Dedicated Servers

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Important Facts about South Africa VPS Hosting and Managed Dedicated Servers

South Africa Dedicated Servers and VPS Hosting Server

Important Facts about South Africa VPS Hosting & Dedicated Servers

If you are planning on getting a hosting service, learn about the important features of the services. Know what you need before you settle for one. There are several features which may be beneficial for your purposes. Here, three such hosting services are discussed which are commonly opted for critical or commercial purposes.

South Africa VPS HostingVPS hosting service is quite common these days and many enterprises opt for this hosting service. It comes with essential features. You need not maintain your server because your service provider will handle that. Hence, it is reliable. You can host multiple accounts on one server. An advantage of VPS hosting service is that it comes at an affordable price. Your servers will be totally secured so you get security with VPS hosting.

Dedicated server South AfricaDedicated servers have three independent reasons why they are opted for. They are: Performance, security and control. A supportive team is present round the clock to provide you with any assistance that you need to maintain your server. So you can rely on their expertise at all times.

Managed dedicated servers South Africa- When you have an application which needs to be online 24×7 and it needs 100% up-time, you should go for managed dedicated servers. In this service, the servers are not shared by the users. So, the buyer gets the complete authority over it. You can install additional hardware, manage firewall and other activities.
Dedicated web servers are more expensive than VPS hosting servers. However, you get additional benefits like the latest software upgrades, 24×7 expert support, 100% uptime, mirroring facility, regular backups, system maintenance, security and advanced networking facilities. You can operate it with an Operating System of your choice. You can get additional services free of cost sometimes. Functions like applications monitoring, hardware monitoring, server monitoring, anti-virus, technical support, firewall services, security back-ups and restores are some crucial things that should be handled by the hosting company. Check out the customer reviews of the companies before you buy a hosting service.

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