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Dedicated Server Japan for your high traffic and complex sites

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Dedicated Server Japan for your high traffic and complex sites
Japan VPS Hosting Server

Dedicated Server Japan for your high traffic and complex sites

Now, these days to host our websites hosting servers are the primary need but to find a dedicated server at an affordable price is the second most important thing. So we have a solution for your all queries as Onlive Server Technology LLP brings a Dedicated Server Japan which is enriched with dedicated features and available for a cheap price. So every business class whether it is small or big can take the advantage of our dedicated server. As we see in case of shared hosting we face many problems like sharing of a single server by multiple users which are very big problem for us because if our site is of high traffic generation or complex then, in this case, the customer will not able to open our websites so in this case dedicated server will be the solution of our problem. With our dedicated server we are not providing you only a cheap dedicated server but also our dedicated server includes lots of features with it like root access permission, the flexibility of server, installation of the software program, the customization feature of server, setup configuration fully based on your requirement which will make your hosting very easy. Our Dedicated Server can be used for your various purposes like you can use it for gaming server, web hosting server and for much more. You can customize our server according to user’s priority such as software and hardware configuration as well choice of operating system i.e. Linux and Windows. For Linux, we have a choice of Ubuntu, CentOS, and SUSE and for Windows, we have windows server from 2008 to 2013. From security purpose, we provide you firewall protection as well scanning of the whole server at a regular interval of time so that your server will be protected from harmful malicious software and DDoS attacks. We also protect you from unauthorized access or hackers. For the sake of security purpose, our expert team monitors your server all day and night so you will get a good result from us.

Data center availability nearby you

To give you best service we included many dedicated features into our dedicated server. Apart from that we also care about your server data so to protect you from data loss we take the backups of your server data at a regular interval of time and keep it far away from your datacenter so in the case of any miss-happening or disaster you can easily acquire your server data without any data loss. For better network uptime we allocate our own data center nearby you so due to nearer data center you will get 99.99% network uptime guarantee by us. Our Data center facility is available in almost 30 plus countries. So you can choose Japan Dedicated Server for your better server performance as well for more output.

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Japan Hosting Company for Japan Dedicated Server and Japan VPS Hosting

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Japan Dedicated Server, Japan VPS Server, Japan VPS Hosting
Japan Dedicated Server, Japan VPS Server, Japan VPS Hosting

The team at Japan Dedicated Server and Japan VPS Hosting operates mainly from their data centers in Tokyo Japan. They ensure the required pull for your processor escalated and circle I/O- serious workloads. They give their clients a perfect parcel of standard elements and administrations. With a team of great experts, you can ensure a careful study of their client’s demands and criteria. Their main aim is to provide a business solution to many emerging and existent business companies. With the help of latest internet technologies system and design concepts, wishes to give the best to their customers all the time.

  • Fully dedicated servers for VOIP
  • Business Email dedicated server
  • Storage Dedicated server
  • 7 years of experience in handling dedicated server
  • Their services include updating software
  • All time security management and all-time help desk
  • Secured monitoring and great customer support
  • Instant response to any problems

The features are included below,

  • Fully Integrated Computing Environment
  • Seamless global network
  • High digital marketing based clients
  • Huge connectivity servers help flawless connection
  • Maximum support from data parks japan
  • IBM Google hosts main domains
  • They use Linux, Windows
  • Profound dependable SAS plates
  • Multicenter processors
  • Hot swap and Hot extra circles
  • Repetitive system setups
  • 24*7*365 operating days

What is VPS Server and Dedicated Server
VPS OR Virtual Private Server is an essential machine sold as a service by an internet hosting service. VPS has their own edition of OS (Operating System). VPS hosting is nothing but a Virtual Private Sector where you can choose one of the several types of web hosting accounts to host your website online. Dedicated server is the rental and exclusive use of a computer which includes a web server, related software and an efficient internet connection present in the web hosting company’s premises. A more flexible form of shared hosting as the organization has full control over the servers including the OS and hardware they require.

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