Israel dedicated server

We offer cheap and solid Israel Dedicated Server for all Businesses need

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We offer cheap and solid Israel Dedicated Server for all Businesses need
Israel Dedicated Hosting Server

We offer cheap and solid Israel Dedicated Server for all Businesses need

If you are worried about to find a right Israel Dedicated Server at the cheapest price and enrich with lots of dedicated features for your business purposes then Onlive Infotech  has the solution for it as it brings dedicated hosting server at a very affordable price so that every business class could take the benefits of it. Our dedicated hosting servers are mainly designed to deliver you a powerful, flexible, reliable and web hosting dedicated server at a very low price for your small or medium business. With our dedicated hosting server, we provide you our own data center which will be nearby you to give to maximum network redundancies. Because of the nearer data center, you will feel free from the network issues and get 99.99% network uptime guarantee. Our dedicated hosting solution provides you full control over your server so you are allowed to do any editing which you require and can do any modification on the basis of your need. Due to its customizable features, you can easily add or remove any software which you want on your server. With the help of our dedicated hosting server, you can easily host your huge or complex websites. Due to servers high bandwidth, you will easily host your websites and able to generate more traffic. We provide you up to 4Core × 2.5 GHz processor, up to 16 GB RAM, up to 300 GB HDD storage to store your large amount of data. Now, these days in the world of dearness it’s very hard for us to find a dedicated server at the lowest price with lots of dedicated features but with us, you will get it.

How we support you

Apart from a good service and a lot of Israel Dedicated Server features we also provide you a nice technical support team which always aware towards your server issues and resolve it whenever you need. So our expert technical support team always available for you. You can feel free to contact them any time regarding your any server issue. They monitor your server all day and night to give you best support. To protect you against any malicious software we provide you server scanning against facility as well firewall protection to your server. We also protect your server any unauthorized login. So you can use our cheap and solid Israel Dedicated Server to fulfill your all business needs.

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Israel Server Hosting for Dedicated Servers and Israel VPS Hosting

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Israel dedicated server, Israel VPS Hosting
Israel dedicated server, Israel VPS Hosting

The main aim of the Israel VPS Hosting company mainly focuses on Dedicated Server Israel for rent to Israel and also all over the world. Their complete dedicated Israel server promises to give your business a stable stage and great accomplishment.  Their team of Israel Dedicated Server and Israel VPS Hosting is widely spread among all the data centres in Israel. Their services include updating software’s, 24/7 monitoring, and also an enhanced customer care support with instant response to deal with any problems. The best thing is, one gets everything  they need under one support system.

What is VPS Server Hosting and Dedicated Server
VPS OR Virtual Private Server is an essential machine sold as a service by an internet hosting service. VPS Server has their own edition of OS (Operating System). VPS hosting is nothing but a Virtual Private Sector where you can choose one of the several types of web hosting accounts to host your website online. Dedicated server is the rental and exclusive use of a computer which includes a web server, related software and an efficient internet connection present in the web hosting company’s premises. A more flexible form of shared hosting as the organization has full control over the servers including the OS and hardware they require.

Why to
Choose Israel Dedicated Server
The team here at Israel Dedicated Server provides servers for –

  • VOIP
  • Business Email Dedicated Server
  • Storage dedicated server
  • Development projects, etc

Their main focus is to ensure cent percent and genuine proclamations to their clients. They also provide their clients a completely controlled and devoted server and within a reasonable cost.


  • Works mostly in Israel
  • Moderate hosting infrastructure
  • IBM and Google serves and hosts a lot
  • High frequency hosting with various OS support and dedicated client service
  • Doesn’t work outside Israel
  • Projects are prepared by Intel premium Xeon Quad Core driving processors
  • Hosting with 1gb unlimited data transmission line arrangers
  • High range of security
  • Proper and dedicated team of experts functioning
  • Present only in Israel
  • You can contact them anytime you want. They operate throughout the year

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