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Enjoy the cost effective solution of Germany VPS hosting server

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Germany VPS Hosting Server

Enjoy the cost effective solution of Germany VPS hosting server

Onlive Server Technology LLP offers you Germany VPS Hosting server at an affordable price just start at $9/month. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of VPS hosting server at the lowest price with lots of features which you desire for your hosting server. Our hosting server will provide you lots of facilities which will make your web hosting easy and fast. You can enjoy root access permission, control over panel, high bandwidth facility, security of the server and many other facilities which you need for your hosting server. We provide you root access permission by which you can manage your hosting server by yourself like you can add any software in it which you desire as well remove it. Due to its customizable feature, you can do any type of modification on your hosting server according to your need. For the protection of your server data, we take the backup of your server data at a certain interval of time and keep it far from your own data center so in the case of any disaster you can easily obtain it without any data loss.

Plans of Germany VPS

With the use of Intel fast processor we offer you up to 4Core × 2.5 GHz frequency, up to 16 GB RAM, up to 300 GB HDD storage to store you large amount of server’s data, choice of operating system, control panel facility, up to 3 IPs range, up to 3000 GB bandwidth facility, data center facility and many more. We offer you facility to choose operating system according to your choice. We generally offer you two choices Linux and Windows. For Linux, you will get the choice of Ubuntu, CentOS, SUSE which is totally based on OpenVZ and hyper-V technology. For Windows, you provide you windows server from 2008 to 2013 which is totally based on.Net framework and support all windows applications. Apart from that, we provide you our own data center nearby you which will give you more network uptime guarantee to your VPS Germany.

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Germany Dedicated Servers fits for your eCommerce and Game hosting

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Germany Dedicated Server

Germany Dedicated Servers fits for your eCommerce and Game hosting

The web is now a grand medium for communicating with the world. A good number of companies are resorting to the web for executing their sales and advertisements directly for their merchandises and services.

What are dedicated servers?

Such companies are presented with diverse forms of servers for their diverse forms of chores. One such form of a server is the dedicated server. In this form of server, the patron has absolute control of the server and this implies that they have no need for sharing it with any additional individual/party. In the existing state of affairs, a Germany dedicated servers provides you the finest dedicated server that you can afford and that fits your requirements and specifications.

The dedicated servers of Germany

The Germany managed dedicated servers are branded for their flexibility, safety measures and greater bandwidth. They also offer totally free setup. Two types of dedicated servers of Germany are there, namely, metered dedicated servers and metered dedicated servers ”Unlimited Bandwidth Dedicated Servers”.

The metered ones supply you with superior bandwidth at a useful rate while ensuring that the prerequisites of all forms of patrons are fulfilled. For those who are uncertain about their bandwidth usage and are apprehensive regarding its excess cost, unmetered servers are a better option. The reason is that they offer you limitless bandwidth and do not charge you anything extra for data transfer.

Dedicated server or virtual private servers hosting?

Onlive Server offers cheap dedicated servers, virtual private servers, with a Germany dedicated server, and you can be guaranteed of comprehensive protection in terms of anti-spyware, anti-phishing, anti-spam and web filtering. A Dedicated server is a simple server that’s hooked up to a network with all its processing control being committed towards its customer. However, in virtual private server hosting the server resources are going to be split among diverse websites /hosting accounts. A Germany Virtual Private Server has high-end as well as low-end options accessible.

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