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Dubai VPS Hosting Server Solution For Your High Traffic Websites

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dubai v
Dubai VPS

Dubai VPS Hosting Server solution for your high traffic websites

Onlive Infotech LLP is a leading Dubai VPS hosting service provider. Our Virtual Private servers are available in many locations in Dubai. Our available operating system includes CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE for Linux server and Windows server from 2008 to 2012. So you can choose operating system according to your need and requirement. You give you the permission to customize the VPS hosting server according to you so you can easily install any software which you need and remove if you don’t need. Due to its customizable features, it’s very easy for us to use it. VPS hosting server is suitable for customers which have a huge amount of websites to host. With VPS hosting server you will get a root access permission for your server at a very cheap price with a lot of dedicated features and they are highly recommended for custom or high traffic resources.

Offers by VPS Dubai

Our cheap Dubai VPS Hosting server offers you 4 TB Bandwidth, 4 GB Guaranteed RAM, 60GB of Storage Space without any Setup Fee. So now you can enjoy lots of features of a VPS server at a very low price with us. We usually give 99.99% network uptime guarantee, port availability, managed firewall protection, hardware monitoring, high bandwidth, data backup facility, managed high security and much more at very affordable price.

Premium Network

We are giving you not only Cheap VPS Dubai hosting server but also a premium network to your server. We provide your data center nearby you so that you will get full network for your server. We also provide you data backup facility to you for this we usually take the data back at some interval of time all keep all the data far from your data center so in the case of any disaster you will easily get your data back without any loss.

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Let’s see What Special in our Dubai VPS Hosting Serve

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Let's see What Special in our Dubai VPS Hosting Server
Dubai VPS Hosting Server

Let’s see What Special in our Dubai VPS Hosting Server

Get the most dependable, oversaw and most secured hosting administrations in Dubai by Onlive Server Technology LLP. It was set up with the point of serving secured web hosting searchers in Dubai, UAE. Our organization is one of the pioneers in Data Center in Dubai. Our Dubai VPS Hosting Server and imparted web hosting bundles to full components and prepared support is a comfort for new clients to settle what they fancy about the hosting. With Lightning quick servers and clearly full agreeable day in and day out bolster runs your electronic application like a rocket. It generally do their best for their hosting clients to give them Best conceivable web hosting administrations in Dubai and clearly over the Middle East locale to the entire world. With the vision of completely secured web hosting administrations in Middle East and Gulf states, Onlive Server Technology LLP offers you full stuff of VPS web hosting extending from rented VPS Servers to a mutual web hosting arrangement.

Competitive Domain & Hosting Prices

We provide you Dubai domain name in a very low price, in additional you will get any type of domain name at a low price with our server. So you can take the benefits of our VPS Hosting server at a very lowest price.

New Hosting Technologies and Features

To give a wide range of Hosting administrations utilizing most recent advances and with best accessible elements is a refinement which do right by us. Our VPS Dubai is enrich with a lots of newest technology and features like high bandwidth, high security, data backup, HDD storage and many more. We also have choice of operating system i.e Linux and Windows. For Linux we offer Windows Server from 2008 to 2013 and for Linux we offer Ubuntu, CentOS, SUSE. For Linux we use OpenVZ technology which allows a physical server to run multiple operating system at the same time. We also use hyper V that is a computer software that creates and runs virtual machines.

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