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Checking the Who is for a Domain Name

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When you have enrolled your space name, you can check the Whois to affirm its Enlistment and additionally check the Contact Subtle elements and Name Servers of the area name.

To see the Whois of your space name, you can utilize both of the accompanying 3 strategies:

Checking the Who is for a Domain Name
Checking the Who is for a Domain Name

From the SuperSite

Follow the steps mentioned below to view the Whois from your SuperSite:

  1. Visit your Super Site at Onlive Server
  2. Here, you would find 2 text boxes.
    • In the first text box, you would have to enter the domain name in the form or and not
    • In the second text box, enter the Security Key, which appears in the image alongside.
  3. Click the Search button. This will display the Who is of the domain name.

From a Solid Outsider Whois Supplier

At the point when utilizing any outsider Whois site, you have to guarantee that you comprehend the accompanying:

  1. While checking the Enrollment points of interest of .COM/.NET space names, no Outsider Whois site will have the capacity to show exact Whois subtle elements until up to 24 hours after Enlistment. This is on the grounds that different suppliers need to first inquiry the concerned Registry’s Whois Servers to obtain the Whois Server URL of the Supporting Enlistment center (before questioning the Recorder’s Whois Server for complete Whois points of interest) and the Registry’s Whois Server itself upgrades its records in that much time.
  2. While checking the Enlistment points of interest of some other space name augmentation (like .Data, .Organization, .BIZ, .IN, .US), the Registry itself stores all the Enrollment subtle elements and any Outsider Whois straightforwardly inquiries the concerned Registry’s Whois Server for such subtle elements. In a perfect world, the Registry’s Whois Server ought to distribute/overhaul this information in each 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. Most Third party Whois sites cache results from the previous results of the queried domain names and may misguide you.

When you wish to have a Third feeling of a specific area name’s Enlistment points of interest, we encourage you to rather utilize

Searching and Managing Domain Name Registration Orders

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In order to manage your domain names, you need to search for them from within your Control Panel with Onlive Server and access their Order Information view.

To List/Search and Manage Domain Registration Orders

  1. Login to your Control Panel:
  • For Resellers:
  • For Customers:

2.Next, click

For Resellers: Products -> List All Orders.

For Customers: Manage Orders -> List/Search Orders.

3. Search for the Domain Registration Order(s) by selecting Domain Registration under the For Product drop-down menu.

4. On the next page, you would see a list of all your Domain Registration Orders bought through Onlive Server. Click any domain name to reach its Overview.

5. Click the Domain Registration tab to reach the Order Information view, from where you can perform any modifications to the Order.

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Additional Information

For Resellers: You can also use the Search Bar on the Control Panel home page to bring up the Order Information view for a Domain Registration Order. This Search Bar will also be available on the topmost menu bar, in every page of the Reseller Control Panel.

  1. Provide the domain name in the search field.
  2. Select Order from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Search button.
  4. On the next page, click the Domain Registration tab.





Signing into the Control Board

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  1. 1. Login from the Onlive Server Website 
  2. 2. Login from the Control Panel Login Area 
  3. 3. Reset Account Password

After joining with Onlive Server Private Constrained, a point by point mail containing your Control Board login subtle elements is sent to your email address (Username).

Login from the Onlive Server Private Limited

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your Username i.e., your email address and Password
  3. Click the Login button to continue. Through this interface you can buy new products and services from Onlive Server Private Limited

Note :

If you wish to manage your existing Orders, login in to our website and on the top-right section of the page, click the My Account link.

Login from the Control Panel Login Area

1. Visit:

* Customer Login:

* Reseller Login:

2. Enter your Username i.e., your Email Address and Password and click the Login button.


  • This would send an email to your email address, containing a link through which you can reset your Control Panel Password.



Invalid Email/Secret word, or your Client account perhaps Inert or Suspended

This message is shown in both of the accompanying circumstances:

  • The Username i.e., Email Address that you have written is erroneous.

Note :

  • You have to guarantee that there are no spaces in the first place or toward the end of the Username
  • The Watchword that you have entered is not right. This might be a direct result of a mistake in writing or in light of the fact that you have overlooked the right Secret word. In the last case, allude Resetting Account Secret key.
  • Your Control Board access has been crippled by Onlive Server Private Restricted. It would be ideal if you reach our Bolster Group at determine this issue.

Reset Account Secret word (Stay: reset)

If you don’t recollect your present Secret key, you can have your Record Watchword reset

1. Click the Overlooked Secret key connection from the accompanying

           * Customer Login :

Reseller Login:

2. Enter your Username i.e., your Email Address and tap the Send Reset Guidelines catch.

3. This would send an email to your email address, containing a connection through which you can reset your Control Board Secret word.

Note :

You have to consider the accompanying, in connection with your Secret key:

*   Permitted Secret key length is 8 to 15 characters.

*   Utilize a blend of capital and lowercase letters, with accentuation marks, uncommon            characters and numbers.

*   Change the Secret key all the time.

*   Maintain a strategic distance from Secret key that contains individual data (name,                 origin, and so forth.) or lexicon words.

*   Abstain from utilizing rehashing characters (aaaaaa), console designs (asdfgh) or                   successive numbers (123456).

*   Try not to unveil your Secret key to anybody.

      While setting another Secret key, you may not re-utilize the present Watchword or the          past Watchword.