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Why do You Need a Cheap Dedicated Server UK?

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Cheap Dedicated Server UK

Why do You Need a Cheap Dedicated Server UK?

In today’s completive world it’s very hard to find a dedicated hosting server provider which provides us a dedicated hosting server at an affordable price with lots of features. With our Cheap Dedicated Server UK you will get a server which will be low in price and enrich with dedicated server features. You will get root access permission or full control over your server so any modification or changes will be done very easily without others permission. You may install or uninstall any software according to your requirement and it will make your web hosting very easy. With the use of high bandwidth you will easily host your website and due to more bandwidth you will be easily generate more traffic on hosted website and you will get excellent reliability and high availability. One of the most important things about our hosting services is your resources like bandwidth and disk space won’t be shared with others which we usually see in shared hosting services. Besides these all there are a lots of benefits of our dedicated server like you get to implement your own security measures to ensure high security towards your dedicated server as well our technical support team monitor your server all day and night to give you best performance and you will not face more down time of servers. You will get full authority of customization i.e. you may install all the software which you want and configure your whole server based on your hosting needs. As with dedicated server you don’t share your resources with others so the performance of your website is optimized and greatly improved.

Our Guarantees

As we understand your need and know more efficiency and uptime mean the most your business as well customers. So to give you more network uptime we provide our own data centers in approx 30 plus countries so we also have our own data center in UK. So, due to nearer data center we will guarantee you to give 99.9% network uptime guarantee. So with our dedicated server UK you will easily get a high performance server at a very affordable price.

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Build a business partnership with UK Dedicated Servers

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Build a business partnership with UK Dedicated Servers
 UK Dedicated Servers

Build a business partnership with UK Dedicated Servers

Onlive Server Technology brings lots of dedicated features with its Cheap Dedicated Server UK at a very affordable price just start at $129/month. With our dedicated hosting server you can get extra bandwidth and more reliable features which you need to host your websites. To access your whole server by yourself we give you root access permission so that you can easily change or modify your server need according to your requirement. We have our own data center in many part of world including UK so you will get high speed and more network uptime guarantee due to our nearer data center. With our UK Dedicated Server we are trying to give you best from our side and want to make a good connection with you. We included all the beneficial features of a dedicated server which a customer need like a unique IP address which will not be shared with anyone like shared hosting server. We also take care about your server data so to protect your server data we usually take the data backup at certain interval and keep it at the other data center far from your data center so in case of any disaster you will easily take your data back without any data loss. Besides these all we also give a firewall protection to your server as well our technical support monitor your server all day and night to give you a better service.

Reliable & Best Hardware Equipment

We usually use high brand hardware and software equipment in or dedicated hosting server to give you reliable and best service. We also have choice of operating system i.e. Linux and Windows for our customers. For Linux we offer Ubuntu, Cent OS, SUSE and for Windows we have Windows Server from 2008 to 2013 which is totally based on .Net framework and support all windows applications. So we bring these all distinctive attribute to provide you a better service so build a business partnership with our UK Dedicated Servers, and get the benefits of its interesting features.

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Do you want to get your own UK VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server with High bandwidth at lowest cost?

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UK VPS Hosting
UK VPS Hosting

Our UK VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers are completely access and framework upgraded for most extreme uptime without the stress of monitoring your server. Onlive Server Technology give completely enhanced and secured servers that offer full root get to. The best thing about our Onlive Servers, you will get all these extra elements – power and adaptability without extra charge. You can easily get VPS and Dedicated Hosting Servers at Cheapest price from here. Our virtual and Dedicated Servers are all compensation as-you-run with no venture required and are versatile to your necessities. You pay hourly rates and just for as much as you are using. All our servers have SSD stockpiling; Build in protection in case of hardware failure and the speed to ensure extra execution when you require it the most – making it a most loved among designers, enterprises and organizations. Whether you’re spending plan disapproved or looking for big business review choices, our flexible alternatives can fulfill to your necessities.

Scaling up and down – without rebooting
By using Onlive Server Technology tools you can make it possible to easily add or remove resources from your server without rebooting your system as well as it will give you the option to adjust for increases and decreases of traffic or load on your site. Building your web cluster with Onlive Server Technology lets you switch from 1 to 8 CPUs without rebooting, to be able at a moment’s notice, to cope with the highest levels of traffic generation.

Built-in backup
Losing one’s data can be very harmful, and we hope everyone keeps timely backups, just to be on the safe side. As an extra layer of protection we offer automatic backups in Onlive Server Technology. This is included as default in Onlive Server Technology, and as an option available in the control panel.

Guaranteed bandwidth
You can easily choose a high bandwidth for your VPS and Dedicated Servers in Onlive Server Technology which guarantees you to give the speed of your hosting server that you can hold and we will definitely give up to 10 Gbit/s speed to your server.

Keeping Low Price
Pay for what you are using; go in short means you are paying for the administrations you pick and just for the time you require them.