IMPORTANT: cPanel Onlive Domain Linux Hosting Package User Guide

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1. Getting to cPanel

2. Transferring Substance to your cPanel Single Space Linux Facilitating Bundle

2.1. Rundown of Well known FTP Customers that Bolster FTPS

3. Utilizing cPanel

The data recorded beneath depicts the different areas and catches/highlights unmistakable inside your cPanel Single Space Linux Hosting bundle with Onlive Server Private Ltd.

Transferring Substance to your cPanel Single Area Linux Hosting Bundle

To transfer substance to your Hosting bundle through a FTP customer, utilize just FTPS on Port.

Some FTP customers support both FTPS modes: Unequivocal and Verifiable. In such FTP customers, the Express (FTPES) mode should be chosen.

Rundown of Mainstream FTP Customers that Backing FTPSTop

  • WinSCP 1
  • FileZilla 2
  • CuteFTP 3
  • Center FTP 4
  • SmartFTP 5

Utilizing cPanel

Note :

  • All guidelines for utilizing your cPanel interface are accessible in the cPanel Client Guide.
  • Administration of both Email and DNS is accessible in your cPanel interface itself.

The accompanying is a rundown of confinements concerning a portion of the elements said in the aforementioned Client Guide:

  • Shell get to: Your cPanel Single Space Linux Hosting Bundle does not permit access by means of any shell customer. You may rather either utilize FTP or utilize the Document Supervisor interface inside your cPanel to transfer content.
  • cPanel Secret key Adjustment: You may reset your cPanel Watchword from your Control Board itself. This usefulness is not accessible through your cPanel interface.

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